Do not be fooled by the smell, there are many benefits of sulfur

Sulfur has been known since ancient times and become one of the important elements for life. Although it smells bad, the benefits of sulfur have long been known to humans, including in the health sector. So far, sulfur is more often used for agricultural purposes. Plants need a large amount of sulfur to support their growth. For this reason, sulfate and phosphate fertilizers are very popular with farmers. Not only in agriculture, the health sector also recognizes the benefits of sulfur. There are at least three benefits of sulfur that can be relied upon to help support our health. To Overcome Skin Problems In the pharmaceutical world, the benefits of sulfur have long been used to overcome several skin problems. Sulfur can act as a keratolytic substance that slough off dead skin. Other functions of sulfur for the skin are as killers of bacteria, fungi, and parasites such as scabies mites. Sulfur used to treat skin problems has been processed with other ingredients into various f
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